Année 2005 : Publications internationales

Auteurs Intitulé de l’article Intitulé de la revue
1. R. Brédy, J. Bernard, L. Chen, A. Salmoun, T. Bouchama, M.C. Buchet-Poulizac and S. Martin. Fragmentation of adenine induced by collision with slow F2+ ions. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 235, 392
2. A. Bendib, A. Tahraoui, K. Bendib, K. Mohammed El Hadj and S. Hüeller Effect of collisions on transport coefficients induced by the inverse bremstrahlung absorption in plasmas. Phys. Plasmas 12, 032308
3. S. Abdelli-Messaci, T. Kerdja, A. Bendib, and S. Malek CN emission spectroscopy study of carbon plasma in nitrogen environment. Spectrochimica Acta Part B : Atomic spectroscopy 60,955
4. S. Abdelli-Messaci, T. Kerdja, A. Bendib, S.M. Aberkane, S. Lafane, and S. Malek Investigation of carbon plasma species emission at relatively high KrF laser fluences in nitrogen ambient. Applied Surface Science 252, 2012
5- H. Amamou, B. Ferhat, and A. Bois Determination of the transition probabilities of Xe II LINES (6d—6p) and (6p—5d+6s) with correction of the self-absorption Phys. Chem. News. 21, 63
6. K. Battou, K. Ait-Ameur O. Ziane Multi-frequency transverse properties of a Michelson mirror Optics communications 255, 349-356
7. D. Amroun, M. Brunel, C. Letellier, H. Leblond, F. Sanchez Complex intermittent dynamics in large-aspect-ratio homogeneously broadened single-mode lasers, Physica D 203 P 185-197
8. H. Leblond, M. Brunel, D. Amroun, F. Sanchez Sources and sinks of travelling waves in a single-mode laser Journal of Optics A Pure appl.Opt.7, P 56-62