Année 2011 : Publications internationales

Auteurs Intitulé de l’article Intitulé de la revue
V. Nazabal, M. Poulain , M. Olivier, P. Pirasteh , P. Camy , J.-L. Doualan, S. Guy, T. Djouama, A. Boutarfaia, J.L. Adam Fluoride and oxyfluoride glasses for optical applications Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, In press (2011)

O. Ziane, A. Marcano, H. Boukari, N. Melikechi

Photothermal Lens Spectoscopy in Highly Scattering Media Biophysical Journal Volume 100, Issue 3, 2 P 486

P. L. Baldeck, M. Maurin, C. Philipot, S. Zaiba, T. Gallavardin, O. Maury, C. Andraud, F. Dubois, A. Ibanez, F. Lerouge, S. Parola, O. Stephan, B. van Der Sanden

Multifunctional hybrid nanoparticles for two-photon fluorescence imaging and photodynamic therapyOrganic Photonic Materials and Devices XIII Vol 7935( February 2011) URL :

S. Zaiba, F. Lerouge, A. Gabudean, M. Focsan, J. Lermé, T. Gallavardin, O. Maury, C. Andraud, S. Parola, and P. L. Baldeck

Transparent plasmonic nanocontainers protect organic fluorophores against photobleaching Nano Lett. May 11 ;11 (5):2043-7 21488657, (2011) URL : bs/10.1021/nl2004847

A.Gabudean, F. Lerouge, T. Gallavardin, M. Iosin, S. Zaiba, O. Maury, P.L. Baldeck, C. Andraud, S. Parola

Synthesis and optical properties of dyes encapsulated in gold hollow nanoshells Optical Materials, Volume 33, Issue 9, , Pages 1377-1381 (July 2011) URL :

M. Giloan, S. Zaiba, G. Vitrant, P.L. Baldeck, S. Astilean

Light transmission and local field enhancement in arrays of silver nanocylindersOptics Communications, Volume 284, Issue 14, 1, Pages 3629-3634, (July 2011) URL :

K. Daiffallah, T. Abdelatif, A. Bendib, R. Cameron et L. Gizon

3D Numerical Simulations of f-Mode propagation Trough Magnetic Flux Tubes Solar Physics, Vol. 268, Numéro :2, page : 309, Editor : J. Leibacher, ISSN 0038-0938 (print version), ISSN : 1573-093X (electronic version), 2011. ou