Année 2013 : Publications internationales

Auteurs Intitulé de l’article Intitulé de la revue

Djouher Mallek , AbdelhamidKellou , HervéLeblond , FrançoisSanchez

Instabilities in high power fiber lasers induced by stimulated Brillouin scattering OpticsCommunications 308, 130–135, (2013)

F. Hamadi, E.H. Amara, D. Bennaceur-Doumaz, R. Boutaka, H. Kellou, K. Bourai, A. Noukaz and R. Beggar

Modeling of Titanium Oxide Layer Growth Produced by Fiber Laser Beam Defect and Diffusion Forum (Volume 336), 11-18 (2013)

Rekia Belhoucif, Matias Velazquez, AbdelHamid Kellou, Philippe Veber, Rodolphe Decourta and Hassan El Hafid

Growth and spectroscopic properties of 6Li- and 10Benriched crystals for heat-scintillation cryogenic bolometers used in the rare events searchesCrystEngComm, 15, 3785–3792 (2013)

Y.Benmadani, A.Kermaoui, M.Chalal, W.Khemici, A.Kellou, F.Pellé

Erbium doped tellurite glasses with improved thermel properties as promising candidates for laser action and amplificationOpt. Mater juin (2013)

D. Benlemdjaldi, A. Tahraoui, R. Hugon, and J. Bougdira

The effect of dust size distribution on electrostatic sheaths in unmagnetized dusty plasmasPhys. Plasmas 20, 043508 (2013):doi : 10. 1063/1.4799732

F. B Rosmej, B. Deschaud, K. Bennadji, P. Indelicato and J. P Marques

Fine-structure electric-dipole matrix elements of He-like ions for x-ray line-shape calculationsPhysical Review A 87, 022515 (2013)

A. Bendib, K. Bendib-Kalache and C. Deutsch

Optical breakdown threshold in fused silica with femtosecond laser pulsesLaser and Particle Beams 31, 523 (2013)

H. Amamou, B. Ferhat, A. Bois

Calculation of the Voigt Function in the Region of Very Small Values of the Parameter a Where the Calculation Is Notorously DifficultAmerican Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2013, 4, 725-731