Année 2009 : Communications internationales

Auteur Intitulé Date Lieu
M. Chalal, I. Morfin, F. Ehrburger-Dolle, M. Aguilar de Armas, M. Luisa López, F. Bley Small angle X-ray scattering study of poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) cryogels near the volume-phase transition temperature XIV International Conference on Small-Angle Scattering, SAS-2009, September 13-18, 2009 Oxford (UK)

M.R. Aguilar, N. Bolgen, M.Chalal, M. Fernandez, F. Ehrburger-Dolle, I. Morfin, J-C Vial, O. Ziane, R. Casalegno, E. Piskin, J. San Roman

New biodegradable thermosensitive macroporous cryogels for bone regeneration : characterization by iNMR and TPFM8th International Symposium on Frontiers in Biomedical Polymers. FBPS’09, May 20-23, 2009Mishima (Japan)

Karima Bendib

Linear relativistic and collisionless fluid equationsThe Algiers Workshop on Astronomy and Astrophysics,13 et 14 Mai 2009 Palais de la culture, Alger


Calcul des paramètres physique dans un jet d’un QuasarThe Algiers Workshop on Astronomy & Astrophysics, 13 et 14 Mai 2009Palais de la culture, Alger