Année 2014 : Publications internationales

Auteurs Intitulé de l’article Intitulé de la revue

S. Messaoud Aberkane, A. Bendib, K. Yahiaoui, S. Boudjemai, S. Abdelli-Messaci,T. Kerdja, S.E. Amara, M.A. Harith

Correlation between Fe–V–C alloys surface hardness and plasmatemperature via LIBS technique Applied Surface Science 301, 225

N Oudini, F Taccogna, A Bendib, A Aanesland

Numerical simulations used for a validity check on the laser induced photo-detachment diagnostic method in electronegative plasmas Physics of Plasmas 21, 063515

S. Ayadi and O. Haèberle

The Lorenz model for single-mode homogeneously broadened laser : analytical determination of the unpredictable zone Central European Journal of Physics. Volume 12, Pages 203-214

K. Yahiaoui, S. Abdelli-Messaci, S. Messaoud-Aberkane, T. Kerdja, H. Kellou

Emission study of alumina plasma produced by a KrF laser Acta Part B 93 (2014) 20–27

B. Zaham, A. Tahraoui, D. Benlemdjaldi, and S. Chekour

Effect of particles attachment to multi-sized dust grains present in electrostatic sheaths of discharge plasmas Phys. Plasmas 21, 123702 ;

Rekia Belhoucif et al

Anisotropy of the spectroscopic, optical and thermo-mechanical properties of Li6Eu1-xGdx(BO3)3 crystals optimized for heat-scintillation cryogenic bolometers Optical Materials Express, Vol. 4, Issue 10, pp. 2042-2065